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Weighted Blankets my Experience and the Research

A healthy dose of scepticism is fair when talking about natural aids. I have anxiety and it has caused me issues in sleeping for most of my life. I would be awake for what seemed like forever immersed in my thoughts, and by the time I have had an opportunity to fall asleep, my alarm would ring and it would be time for me to go to school or work. I was willing to try anything but didn’t want to take drugs or anything that might give me adverse side effects.

I first heard about the use of a weighted blanket through a close friend who was going through nursing school, she had told me that in the seniors home that she was doing her training the home care professionals multiple blankets to keep the residents clam at night. After hearing this I was very surprised by the effect this could be using a form of physical therapy instead of medication. I did a little bit of research and what I found was pretty shocking. Some research has shown that your body releases Serotonin when you get a hug. And that is the same hormone that regulates your sleep.  But it was it was one thing to read something and experiencing it on my own. I had to try this on myself. I gathered 3 blankets on top of me and it was the first time in a long time that I had a great sleep that was unmedicated. Unfortunately, I was overheating. I searched online for a product that fitted all my needs. But there was

So what I did was create a blanket that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This blanket has been a culmination of research and trial and error. After many renditions of the blanket, we finally created the NIMBUS BLANKET. The reason why we choose NIMBUS is that like a cloud our blankets envelop you with comfort and a hug. Like a nimbus cloud, it is heavy but covers your body evenly. I wish you as well as everybody in the NIMBUS Team best wishes and sweet dreams.

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