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Ultimate Guide To Weighted Blankets


We believe weighted blankets are the natural remedy for relaxation and a better sleep. The weight of our blankets provide your body with a remarkably soothing sensation similar to a massage. We have done a lot of research on the science, the benefits, and the methods of using weighted blankets. That is why we are passionate about our product and why we want to share with you the why, the what, and the how of weighted blankets.

Why it Works

Remedy for Sleeping and Sensory Disorders

We explain how and why weighted blankets help relieve symptoms of sleeping and sensory disorders.

The Effects Of Weighted Blankets On Your Body

Weighted blankets supports your body's natural functions and helps it regulate the chemical and hormonal levels that are vital to your mental wellbeing.

How to Use It

The different ways to Use Weighted Blankets

There are so many ways to integrate weighted blankets into your daily life. Here is a list of a few of them.

Choosing the Perfect Blanket

Every weighted blanket is unique. We want to help you find one that is customized to perfectly fit you.

Safety & Care

Can anyone use weighted blankets?

If you are trying to decide whether a weighted blanket is right for you or someone you love, read this guide to see who will benefit from a weighted blanket.

How to care for your blanket so it lasts longer

We love to share with you the tips and tricks for washing and protecting your blanket, so it stays fresh and intact.

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