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Make Mental Health A Daily Habit

To make mental health a habit, you must practice it daily. Let us help you by giving you a few different ways to use a weighted blanket.

The Different Ways to Use a Weighted Blanket

Incorporating healthy habits that promote mental wellbeing in the midst of your demanding schedule can be difficult. We have discovered a multitude of ways you can use your weighted blanket that will fit in your daily routine. We strongly encourage you to practice the habit of caring for your mental health daily and we hope our tips will help.

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Whether you are watching tv, reading a book, or listening to music, we recommend using your blanket for short intervals of fifteen minutes throughout your day. Doing this will provide your brain with the relaxation it needs to focus and recuperate.

While Studying or Learning

Weighted blankets decrease cortisol levels in your body and helps you focus. Parents with kids who struggle to focus during school can encourage their kids to use the blanket while they are studying. As a result of diminishing levels of cortisol, stress levels decrease and information retention increases in your brain so that you can learn better.

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Before an exam or stressful event

Along with decreasing cortisol, weighted blankets also increase dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. Dopamine and serotonin are “feel-good” hormones that instantly boosts your mood. Having that surge of energy will help you overcome the stress of an exam or any other obstacle.

Straddling your blanket

Most people recommend that you cover your entire body with the blanket. However, everyone is different and there are people who find the weight on their chest uncomfortable. We suggest that you fold the blanket length or width wise so that it fits the length of your body and as many times as it fits within your arms. We found that folding it three times length wise will result in a long pillow that you can then use to hug for comfort.

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While you travel

People are travelling more often for work and being away from home can bring a lot of anxiety. Our Cirrus Blanket is small and portable and can be used while travelling. Whether you are on the plane or in your car, the blanket can provide you with the comfort and relaxation that reminds you of home.

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