The main purpose of the Nimbus Company is to create products that remind you to take care of your mental health. We are always striving to be more connected with you so please share your stories with us and receive a discount towards your next order.

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The Nimbus Mantra

The Nimbus Mantra is to create sustainable and natural products that promote mental health.


Developed in 2018 by a team of people who have their own struggles with anxiety and depression. The Nimbus Company created products that are mindful in its design and purposes to remind people to prioritize their mental wellbeing.


Struggling to maintain a normal routine due to anxiety made one of our founders rethink her priorities and realize the importance of mental health. Instead of attending to work and her daily tasks first, she restructured her day to prioritize mental health. After months of solely focusing on her mental wellbeing, she saw the positive effects of her new lifestyle.


This finding remains the foundation of The Nimbus Company. It is the driving force behind all of our products and services. We wanted to remind people that the mind powers the body like roots feed a tree. If the roots are not watered everyday, then the stem weakens and the leaves stop growing. We wanted to create a lifestyle brand that offers affordable and natural products that remind people to take care of their mind and soul everyday.


Dealing with mental health problems for a majority of their lives, our founders had a strong passion to sell an ideology rather than a brand that inspires people to attend to their thoughts and feelings first.


With that in mind, our founders began designing their first product which is the Nimbus Blanket. Our team has tested and experienced the positive effects of weighted blankets on their sleep and anxiety. The Nimbus Blanket was created with quality, care, and sustainability in mind to offer people a great solution to insomnia and other mental health issues.


Our number one priority is to raise awareness about mental health and provide solutions through our products.


We measure our success by the number of people we connect with. We want to share our story and hear as many of your stories as possible. We hope our mantra will be expressed through our products and customer service, so that you feel comfortable to trust and connect with us. Together, we can build a happier and healthier community.


Thank-you for letting us be a part of your dreams. Because you are a part of ours.

Our mission is to emphasize the importance of mental health by creating sustainable products that provide natural solutions to mental health. Here are a few ways that we attained our mission.



Maintaining our responsibility to the environment is important to us and therefore, we always aim to minimize our ecological footprint. We use bamboo to create our Nimbus blanket because the plant can be grown sustainably and it is easily renewable. Our goal is to source our bamboo from a sustainable farm or find other sustainable solutions for our products.



We believe that natural and drug-free solutions to mental health is more affordable and it has no side effects of drugs and chemicals. We chose weighted blankets as our first product because it is a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety rather than sleeping pills and other harmful drugs.The ability to affordably and comfortably fit our mental health products into people’s daily routine is an incredible preventative measure and effective remedy for mental wellness.


Sharing stories about mental health is a beautiful way to connect people and unite a community in the same mission. Through our blog where we feature our own stories as well as others, we hope to create a safe place where people can come to for answers and companionship. We hope that this space will become therapeutic for our readers.



We understand that to entrust a company with your mental health is a major decision. Therefore, we are committed to putting our customers first and providing the best quality products. We hope to build a strong relationship with you through our products and services so that you can trust us to be a part of your journey.




Our goal is to expand our product line to offer a variety of mental health products. We are currently working on a few projects to potentially become the new addition to our product line. The next product we introduce will increase the value of our brand and for our customers.



In the upcoming year, we hope to partner with our customers to design new products and improve our brand. Our goal is to make improvements to our products and services by collecting feedback. We would like to get our customers intimately involved in creating our new products by contributing personal stories and artwork.



We are currently in the process of sourcing our products closer to home. We are looking for locations where someone from our team can closely overlook the process to ensure the quality and to increase efficiency.



Within a year, we hope to reach more customers to purchase our products and to connect with more people about their mental health journey within Canada and United States.



Our mission is to create sustainable and natural products that promote mental health. Within five years, we are developing new products that will expand our product line and provide more mental health remedies. Through our products and customer service, we hope to become a trusted brand for mental health products.

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